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3075 Orchard Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320

Preventative Maintenance & Longevity

Just like the Doctor recommends to exercise and drink plenty of water, Doctor Billy says Preventative Medicine = Preventative Maintenance. Oil is the Life Blood of your engine.


Fresh oil reduces friction, lessens wear, and provides lubrication to seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls. Factory recommended fluid flushes ensure keeping the engine cool and lubricated. Why not keep the Life Blood flowing in your vehicle and book an appointment with Billy?


When you bring your vehicle to Billy’s for service, we will inspect your vehicle, use the factory recommended filters, fluid flushes, brakes, shocks, struts, inspect tire wear and advise on anything else that is recommended.


From starter to finish, we’ll get your vehicle back out on the road so you can move on with your life and everything else. Just another way your vehicle will thank you.

Brake Service, Repair & Upgrades

We give everybody brakes at Billy’s. Your vehicle braking system needs to be in perfect condition to make sure you and your family are safe. That’s why our experts stop at nothing to perform brake inspections, flushes and factory services your vehicle requires.


No matter what you drive, we’ll go over your vehicle’s pads, rotors and sensor replacement, and also provide you with the best parts and components available. Even if you drive a race car, we’ll help you finish first and get you to the podium. We carry a full line of aftermarket braking systems and components to match your vehicle.


From Brembo to Wilwood we will make sure you stop in time.   We stop at nothing when it comes to your brakes. Don’t let your vehicle come to a halt before you make it to Billy’s.

Transmission Service & Repair

Billy’s Auto Service of Bloomfield is certainly not a factory, but we still perform all transmission factory services and preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle moving in the right direction.


When it comes to manual or automatic transmissions, we’re capable of handling anything from factory to custom built applications. So, if your vehicle needs performance upgrades, strengthening, short throw shifter assemblies or even clutch replacements, we’re here for all manual and modern DCT/DSG transmissions.


We even have the software needed to reprogram and reinitialize the shifter adaptations typically done at the OEM dealer.


Put your vehicle into Drive and come over to see us.

Engine Service & Repair

One of the most expensive repairs in the automotive industry is engine replacement.


Billy’s says you can usually avoid this expensive problem and maintain a functioning engine. At Billy’s, our technicians take the state and mechanical ability of your engine very seriously.The engine in your vehicle is truly a feat of engineering and is made of hundreds of parts, electrical systems and complex mechanical components.


When it comes to internal engine service, the most common long-term maintenance we perform is replacing the timing chains, timing belts and making sure your engine is in synchronicity. In simple terms, your timing system is the conductor of the orchestra and ensures that your engine’s valves open and close precisely at the right time. In doing this your car will make beautiful music to your ears and get where you’re going safely.


Billy’s can also install many aftermarket performance engine components. Crankshafts, camshafts, pistons or any other performance enhancements to your vehicle will get you the horsepower you desire. If that’s not enough, we can custom build you an engine for any make to your specifications to meet the vehicle driving lifestyle.

Exhaust System Repair & Upgrades

Is your exhaust system tired?  Or just exhausted? Does your vehicle need to take a deep breath? We can help. From manifolds to mufflers and everything in between, Billy’s can handle all of your exhaust needs like factory OEM converter replacement and reprogramming.


We can even restore your original factory exhaust system or replace your stock exhaust altogether with a full custom performance system. We offer pre-manufactured vehicle specific application from our friends at Akrapovic, Borla, Dinan, Weistec, American Racing Headers, MagnaFlow, Flowmaster, and a whole lot more.


If your exhaust system is getting tired, make an appointment with Billy.

Tire and Wheel Service & Replacement

At Billy’s, we’re reinventing the wheel in Tire Service.  When the rubber meets the road, it needs to be done right.


Billy’s uses state-of-the-art balancing equipment like the Hunter GSP 9700 Hammerhead Elite, known as the industry standard. It allows us to measure and balance your vehicle’s tire and wheel system accurately. We also use flange plates individually specified to each vehicle’s bolt pattern to insure the best balance possible. A wide base provides a more secure foundation when holding the wheel securely to our state-of-the-art balancer, and if needed, we can also fore match your tire to the wheel for the best possible balance. We are a dealer for every tire and wheel manufacturer imaginable.


Performance wheels, track tires, snow tire wheel packages or general tire and wheel service is in our wheel house!

Front-end Mechanical Repairs

We provide a full range of suspension and steering repairs for all makes and models of cars.

This includes everything from struts, shocks, tie rod ends, ball joints, springs, and basically everything that has anything to do with all of your suspension and steering needs.


Billy’s specializes in general repair on your daily driver, to full track set-ups, lift kits and enhancing your vehicles steering and suspension to meet your driving lifestyle.  Billy’s carries a full line of factory suspension and steering components.  For track and off-road applications, we install Bilstein, Moton, Ride Tech and KW are just a few brands of the many we carry.


Billy said if we are not a dealer, we will become one.  Call Billy today to make your car handle and brake the way it should!

Additional Repair Services That We Offer

Diagnostically speaking, we’ve got you covered. Billy’s has invested in factory state-of-the-art diagnostic software for all makes and models.


Billy’s can perform complex programming to a simple key replacement.  We are the alternative to the retail dealer.  Specializing in domestic and European general maintenance, Billy’s will perform service at recommended specified mileage intervals, inspection 1 & 2 for BMW, A and B services for Mercedes Benz and all other manufactures factory service requirements. Billy’s has the ability to clear all annoying service reminders off of your instrument panel. Billy’s uses only the OEM factory coolant, specified lubricants and filters to ensure you and your vehicle -will remain safe.


Our team of professionals has a way of finding even the smallest issues with your vehicle. Whether you drive a minivan or classic sports car, we know the ins and outs of almost every car and truck imaginable. From general repairs and basic maintenance all the way down to wheel alignment and finding out what’s wrong with the AC. We even work with the newest methods of computer diagnostic testing to solve the issues no one else can see. Give Billy a call today and come on in for a visit so you can see all that we can do for you and your vehicle.


Just check out our services below and make an appointment!

We didn’t Buy it, Break it or Build it- but we can fix it!

At Billy’s, there’s really nothing that we can’t handle- from small mechanical repairs to full restorations. We also offer a full line of performance systems for all- from street rods to exotics to show cars.


Give us a call to discuss your performance dreams.